Ceol Alainn (is alive)

Download FAQ

Q: How do I download music from the download section?

A: Well, you just download it, it's there. But since you're asking, it looks like your browser tries to auto-play any mp3 file you click instead of downloading it. To prevent that, instead of left-clicking the link, right-click it and choose "save as" ("save target as", "save link as", whatever your browser calls that) from the context menu.

Q: That was about downloading one single track. How do I download the whole album?

A: Scroll down a little bit, there's a zip file for every folder with exactly the same content.

Q: What if I want to download the whole collection at once?

A: Try this link: The size is about 4.4 Gb.

Q: I've still got a problem...

A: Email me at, I'll try to help you.

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